Tommishea's Tailord Health Tip of the Week

Have you ever wanted to start exercising, but just don't have the energy to start? Have you ever wanted to get up and get things done, but you don't have the energy to do that either? Well you may be deficient in Vitamin D. The greatest source of Vitamin D is the sun. If you are like me I am a "indoors person" so I rarely find myself soaking in the beautiful sun rays. We often go to our health care provider and complain about not having any energy,  and they draw all kinds of labs. You may find yourself leaving, and still not knowing why you feel this way. Most often we as providers do not routinely check Vitamin D levels. I have found in my experience so many people are deficient in Vitamin D. A great way to supplement this deficiency is to simply take an over the counter Vitamin D pill daily. You will find yourself with more energy, and what could be  better than that! Like I always say to look healthy on the outside you must begin with being healthy on the inside. T.Harry, CRNP