Check out success stories from a few of Tailord Fitness' clients. 

Team Love

We are enjoying the bootcamp experience because it's helping us with our goal of making a lifestyle change. Everyday is something new that will challenge you but yet is so rewarding! As a couple we love to do things together and this is a great way to not only strengthen our relationship but our bodies as well! Nothing like partnership in every area of your life!
-Team Love

A Change of Life

My name is Herbert Wilkerson and am a product of Tailord Fitness. I came to Varian in June of 2013 wanting to change my life. I was 380 pounds and miserable. I bought a juicer and added juicing to my diet. Then in August I talked to him about adding exercise.  His instruction gave me the knowledge needed to work out from home. He challenged me and supported me in so many ways. I began to track my journey on social media and he has been a major support to my journey. One of the major impacts he has had on me is in his Instagram name with says eat clean and train mean. I have been someone who didn't mind hitting the weights and then feel I could out work my bad diet. However, Varian's emphasis on eating healthy helped me change my mindset towards being healthy.  I have lost 84 pounds since August 2013 and Varian has played a MAJOR role in my journey. I am a master's level mental health clinician and Varian has been my fitness psychiatrist as well my personal trainer. His ability to challenge you and make you feel like anything is possible is a rare combination.  


Herbert Wilkerson, MS

Alabama Clinical Schools 

Sixty & Healthy

I am sixty years old and a year ago when I first joined the Total Body Transformation Bootcamp I was suffering from hypothyroidism. This of course makes it harder to lose weight. In my first two months, I lost 16lbs and countless inches. Also at my next doctors visit, my physician said my high blood pressure and high cholesterol levels were as normal as they have been in years. Varian is great at what he does, and his knowledge of health and fitness is impeccable. 

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Varian May is an excellent trainer. He is a combination of tough and warm. He works you mentally, emotionally and physically. Because of his efforts I have lost 30lbs in less than five months. The Tailord Fitness brand has become more like family because we are all here for one common goal. Join the movement!!!  -Nadia L. Jones



I just want to take the time out to give a big Thank You and show my appreciation to my trainer VJ! He has always been so patient and so flexible with me from the beginning when you were getting started. Now you have grown in so many ways through what you are trying to accomplish and doing so well. So thank you again for the push and the drive and encouragement.

 Diana M or as he calls me Anna Di!! Thanks VJ! 



I am so happy and grateful to be a part of the Tailord Fitness movement. VJ gives me that extra motivation that I need to push myself farther than I do when working out alone. I also like how positive the group sessions are, all the members motivate and encourage each other not to give up when we're struggling. You also cannot get a more reasonable price anywhere else in Birmingham. -Ashley




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