"I started out 253 pounds. I was told by several doctor’s that my diabetes and high blood pressure would get worse at my weight and height and all they would do about it was give me diets with no true guidance.  God placed Varian May and the 107.7 bootcamp  in my life at my lowest. He taught me to focus on the prize and not so much on the hills that i would have to climb to get there.


I really didn’t realize the dark place my weight and my health issues had me until we started to workout. I began to listen to his instruction to start out slow. I lost a total of 83 lbs and by sticking to the principles he taught me I have successfully kept it off. I am and will be forever grateful that Varian shared his God given gift with me."



This option is for the person who may not like groups or prefers to workout alone in the comfort of their own home or gym or needs some help knowing what to eat in order to reach their goals I create step by step workouts with demo and/or personalized meal plans in order to reach the clients specified goals.


Certified Personal Trainer


I have been a certified personal trainer now for over 9 years.  Growing up I was a multi-sport athlete for over 10 years and I've worked with some of the best strength and conditioning coaches along the way.  My love for not only the sports I played, but the process of training and getting better led me into the field of training back in 2011.  Since then I have helped thousands of people from celebrities, high school, collegiate, and pro athletes, the everyday working man and woman, etc. change their lifestyles and meet their fitness goals.  

I've done a lot in a short period of time and I look forward to continuing be the hands and feet of God by way of ministering to His people in the form of mental, physical, and emotional health.  My programs are not only designed to help my clientele physically, but spiritually, internally and emotionally as well.  I feel as though they are all connected and what's the use of fixing the outside when the inside is still broken.  That's a sure recipe for relapse.  All of my plans whether online, bootcamp, personal training, etc. come with meal plans and spiritual motivation as well.  I believe in holistic and functional health that translates into everyday life.  


"In November 2018 I reached out to Varian for help with reaching my fitness goals.  I had just experienced the death of a child and I was finding it quite difficult to be motivated to workout. Varian  trained me for 6 weeks giving me a meal plan to follow.  At the end of the  6 weeks I noticed my body was toned and my muscles were more defined.


Since then I have continued to maintain my goal physique and healthy lifestyle by working out 4-5 days a week and eating a healthy diet. Varian has always encouraged me to follow the 80/20 rule.  That’s when you eat healthy 80% of the time and the remaining 20%, you eat what you want. This mindset has been very beneficial.  I highly recommend Varians services. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to using proper exercising technique and he  pushes you to get the best out of each workout."



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